Sweet Apricot – 500gms

Sweet Apricot – 500gms

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Malatya , Hacıhaliloğlu variety which is characteristic to Turkey. It is 30-35 mm diameter, mini size apricot, with very powerful apricot aroma and 23-24˚ Brix, sweet taste. It is called ‘’ SUGAR BABY’’ (SWEET BABY) due to its special characteristic taste and mini size. It is grown high up on the mountain slopes close to Bursa in Turkey. The area is known for its cold temperatures.


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One of The Finest Late Season Golden Sweet Apricot

  • Late Season
  • Sweet, Freestone Apricot
  • Self-Fertile
  • Dependable Crop Across Climates
  • Great as Ornamental Edible
  • Disease Resistant

The Golden Sweet Apricot Tree (Prunus armeniaca ‘Golden Sweet’), as the name suggests, produces deliciously sweet and juicy fruit. It’s fast becoming the top choice for home gardeners who want to grow these healthy fruits.

It’s a marvelous producer, even in areas that have traditionally been a bit “iffy” for apricots in the past. Climate adaptability makes it possible to enjoy these wonderful superfoods across a wider growing area.

late season fruiting variety, the taste of the exceptional sweet, firm fruit is outstanding. Golden Sweet is self-fertile but will you’ll get a larger harvest when other apricot trees are near.

Golden Sweet will ripen later than the average variety. It is fast gaining a reputation as a superb selection to round out the season. It ramps up production just as other apricots are slowing down. Plant it along with an earlier ripening variety, like Tomcot, to extend your harvest time to almost two months.

This variety can be used for pies and tarts, jams and preserves or cut it up into a fruit salad. The Golden Sweet is perfect for drying, as the flesh is dense and sweet. Try apricot halves in the dehydrator and then freeze them and enjoy this perfect snack for months to come. Of course, nothing beats eating an apricot fresh off the tree.

Experiencing your very own harvest is both empowering and exhilarating. Order yours today!

Golden Sweet Apricots in the Landscape

Apricots are typically considered one of the most ornamental of all the fruit tree types with a wide, mushroom shaped canopy. Apricots make a beautiful shade tree that is covered with pink-hued white blossoms in spring. The heart-shaped, glossy foliage has a romantic and very healthy appearance.

Use this tree as a focal point in your edible landscape. You’ll love watching your bountiful harvest come in.

The large fruit features bright orangey-red skin and a soft blush. The fruit makes a gorgeous accent against the vibrant, green leaves.

Apricots are so much fun to have in the yard. They’re not only pretty to look at but provide a harvest of fruits with vigorous, full-bodied flavor. The Golden Sweet Apricot will provide you with a sumptuous harvest of fruit that not only tastes delicious but is high in antioxidants. Golden Sweet apricots are an easy way to bring healthy, wholesome food direct from your garden to your family’s table.

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